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Oct 2021 - May 2022

Join us for rehearsals beginning in October and perform with us in 2020. There is a $75 fee made payable to Westmont Park District.

Tuesday Rehearsals

From 1:00 – 2:30

Our Joyful Voices Singers!


Member since 2015

“I love being a part of a group experience and interacting with the audience, seeing them smile and sing along!”


Member since 2011

“I really enjoy the audience appreciation and singing in special ensembles. Learning to overcome musical challenges has been a real benefit to me.”


Member since 2012

I enjoyed singing “The Impossible Dream” in our 2019 Summer Production. Having been here for 8 years, I have become close friends with many of the chorus members.


Member since 2010

Music has been with me “forever”. It makes me smile and feel happy. I had my first solo song this year – what a thrill!!


Member since 2006

“I love the expressions on seniors at retirement communities when we sing. Making new friends in the chorus has been great.”


Member since 2015

I enjoyed singing a solo in “It Takes a Woman” and watching the reactions of the audience! “As long as you keep singing, you can sing”


Founding Member since 2002

I have had the satisfaction of performing music in many professional and various Senior Groups. Favorite roles include Bert in Mary Poppins. Tuesday is my favorite day of the week – the day of our rehearsals and performances

Alice J

Member since 2016

“One of my favorite experiences was singing Dorothy in our Wizard of Oz medley in the summer 2019 shows. I enjoy the fellowship of this chorus.” 


Member since 2010

I have been singing for 10 years with Joyful Voices. A most memorable moment was playing Mary Poppins in our Mary Poppins show. I love the camaraderie in the chorus and interacting with the audience.


Member since 2018

I enjoy the friendly camaraderie of the chorus. Some favorite songs we sang include The Sound of Silence and “One” from a Chorus Line. 


Member since 2015

Singing is a joy! Chorus singing is a collective (group) joy!! A joy to us as a group, to the individual, and most important to our senior audiences. Helps keep us young. Love getting to know others in the group.


Member since 2011

I have enjoyed the positive responses from our audiences with most comments being “your group made our day”. The variety of our music covers many styles. I love giving back good memories to others.


Member since 2014

I enjoy standing on the stage and singing for the audience. They enjoy are singing and we are intoxicated with the song lyrics and melody. I enjoyed singing “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera.

Joe VanHootegem

Founding Member/Administrator since 2002


Member since 2012

I enjoy singing and particularly the dancing. Over the years I have improved my singing range and timing. Love spending time with the people in this group. 


Member since 2016

I look forward to rehearsals on Tuesdays because of the friendliness of our group. I have really enjoyed the past 2 years under the direction of Jim Molina.


Member since 2008

I joined Joyful Voices 11 yeas ago with the intent of bringing “the show” to those people who were in nursing homes and couldn’t get out to see a show. I love singing!


Member since 2019

I enjoy seeing the audience enjoy themselves. I enjoy how the early rehearsing and singing of the songs transformed into a beautiful performance. “Great people in this group”!


Member since 2003

I love all types of music. It has been wonderful to learn new songs that I was not familiar with. I have lots of fun with the friends I have made in Joyful Voices.


Member since 2010

I love to sing and meet many friends in the chorus. I have enjoyed the music in our productions, particularly the songs from Broadway shows and I enjoy the audience appreciation.


Member since 2014

I enjoy our performances and the audience appreciation. I love making new friends and the  camaraderie. Singing in the chorus has kept my mind active.


Member since 2011

I enjoy singing and performing for senior audiences under our conductor and music director, Jim Molina. I love folk and country music. 


Member since 2016

I am learning to sing and listen better being a part of Joyful Voices. Favorite songs include the Sound of Silence, The Impossible Dream, and Music of the Night. This is my 3rd season!!


Member since 2016

The group is good looking and the singing is Great!! Everyone is in good spirits and I find myself smiling more. I enjoy the rehearsals and the performances. 


Founding Member since 2002

I love to Sing!! This group has kept me “young” and active. I enjoy performing at all the venues whether as a chorus singer, soloist, or as part of an ensemble. I also play the Ukele.


Member since 2014

I love singing and dancing. I feel a benefit to being in this chorus is staying active and keeping up with my performance background. Favorite songs include “One DayMore” and “Music of the Night”


Member since 2013

There is much camaraderie in this group and a lot of talent to admire! It is very satisfying to know that we are growing musically and personally. 


Member since 2015

I like the gigs! And I like being with people who have the same interest! I’ve always sung – all my life – and gotten recognition and self esteem from it. 


Member since 2004

I have many great memories and experiences having been in the chorus for 15 years! I have grown as a singer being with a joyful and fun loving group. I had parts in Oklahoma and Sound of Music.


Member since 2004

Singing in the Joyful Voices Chorus keeps me young and maintains my voice. One of my favorite memories was being an All-Army vocal finalist in 1953 singing Ave Maria.

About us

We are a group of enthusiastic senior-aged singers who love to sing and perform! Aside from the great friendships we create in the choir we also grow as singers. Our rehearsals are fun and informative. Learning everything from breath control, tonal production, rhythmic counting, expression, and dynamics, leads us to rewarding performances. 

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We rehearse every Tuesday from
1:00 - 2:30 at the Westmont Park District from October through May. We perform from May through October at various Senior Community Living Centers.

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Joe will give you all the answers to your questions regarding joining the group.

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